Thursday, August 2, 2012

My commentary on "Chik-Fil-A Appreciation Day"

I have finally come to hate, really really hate, people who oppose same-sex marriage.

I feel just the way I do upon seeing those movie characters who over and over abuse a beloved protagonist, who misinterpret all events and actions as if they were the narcissistic center of the universe -- as if that comment was meant to hurt ME -- who deny any wrongdoing because THEY'RE actually the ones being persecuted; I feel consumed by hate for them.

I keep telling myself that hate is the problem, people aren't the problem, and if we could just all sit down and have honest conversations with each other, we'd be able to just LET OTHER PEOPLE LIVE THEIR OWN LIVES and STOP TRYING TO CONTROL THEM ALL THE TIME, but it does not seem like that is happening.

Instead, it seems like Christians are getting stupider. Willfully, disgustingly stupider.

Not realizing that participating in consumerism to reward a fast food chain for taking a political stance is a DISASTER, from a gospel perspective. From an American perspective. From any kind of democratic perspective. That it hurts people they claim to love ("hate the sin, love the sinner!"), and that their claims to have the "less hateful" protest are ridiculous, because they're the ones with the power.

Even a fraction of hate from the majority will kill you, has killed LGBT people, will kill them again. The full force of gay fury has yet to produce the kind of violence against the majority that one careless word can unleash against LGBT individuals.

It's not an even playing field. STOP PRETENDING CHRISTIANS ARE LOSING because they no longer have ALL the points.

SHARE, you pricks.

These Christians don't seem to realize that in fifty years, when people look back on this -- I hope to be one of them -- they will see these kinds of protests as anathema. As much as school segregation and Jim Crow seem to us now.

They will look back vaguely concerned that this history is so recent, that people could have been that cruel and dumb, that anyone could have thought a corporation funding hate groups (look it up; the issue is not the statement on supporting traditional marriage) was a GOOD thing. That somehow a 4 billion dollar fast food restaurant that feeds people chicken needed DEFENDING. And CIVIC ENGAGEMENT -- the kind that is NEVER, EVER exercised on behalf of good social programs -- can be freely wasted on making sure some CEO guy doesn't get yelled at too much for bigotry and that he gets to have his franchise open up in whatever fucking city he wants it in.

They will arrogantly look back at us from the future and see how stupid we were, and they will be right.

Let's hope that by the time we get there, we haven't ruined the planet with fossil fuels and overpopulation and our horrible, intractable stupidity.

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