Sunday, April 8, 2012

Accusations XIX

My FB friend who CONTINUALLY writes status updates that show that he doesn't believe in vaccinations for his infant child, even though it's clear he decided they wouldn't vaccinate over a year ago during the pregnancy. What makes this most annoying is not only that the decision was made long ago, not only that his sources are fringe science on the internet, not only that he's clearly trying to convince others to also not vaccinate their kids, but that he insists somehow that he's still "looking for the truth" and "trying to find evidence that vaccines work -- but just can't."

Try looking at the entire rest of the internet, or medical science, dude.

Facebook, for not allowing me to select out of my feed status updates from this particular friend that contain the word "vaccine" and still see the occasional non-vaccine-related updates.

Fox News, which by calling themselves "fair and balanced" have brought the meanings of all possible words into question and furthered the ability of people who find fringe groups to shore up their a priori beliefs, to consider themselves "mainstream" despite their obvious fringiness.

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